The Sales Lab is a 12 month series of live stream coaching sessions that provides high-value content at an affordable price.  The Sales Lab sessions happen on a monthly basis and can be accessed using any mobile or laptop device.  Once enrolled, a member will be emailed the monthly coaching material prior to the streaming session.  And, because the sessions are streamed, attendees can interact with the speaker in real time. This incredible class is available for $99 (and can be paid for over the course of one year if you’d prefer)

You will receive a welcome packet via email once you’ve signed up.

-Matt Plughoff

What can I expect from this class?

We will be covering the following topics:

  • A Modern Framework and Process for Sales Professionals
  • Accelerating Trust
  • Resolving Price Concerns
  • Lead Management
  • Referral Generation
  • And so much more!

An excerpt from one of our courses.
Marketing and advertising are two of a company’s biggest expenses. They are also, despite what anyone says, the most risky. There’s simply no guarantee that there will be a return on the investment. Therefore, systematically managing open leads is a mandatory expertise that every salesperson needs. This session will show them how to manage leads to completion and how to create opportunities out of lost leads.

Key Take-Aways: Effective follow-up tactics for mobile and email options.

To learn more about the content and curriculum please download our brochure.