Streaming Sales Coaching in Real Time!

The Sales Lab is an interactive on-line sales coaching workshop.  Every month your content is streamed to any of your devices in real-time.  Sales Lab sessions won’t disrupt your day.  Each coaching session only lasts 45 minutes.  Coaching sessions include a comprehensive training work book.  You can immediately track your progress and apply your new skills.  The Sales Lab is interactive.  Coaching sessions are streamed to Vimeo—you can have your questions and comments answered during the session from your phone, tablet, or laptop.

The Sales Lab is affordable!  The monthly fee is only $60.  

Ready to get started?  We’ve kept it simple:

-Go to

-Click on the Sales Lab tab

-Select your enrollment option.  You can pay monthly or pay the annual amount up-front

-After enrollment you will receive the first training workbook 

-You will receive a link to the live stream session one week before the session.  

-Log on to Vimeo on the day of the live stream session and start learning!