Curate & Cultivate Your Digital Voice

Social Media Management: The Connected Consumer

These days, marketing has become a conversation!  Connected consumers look forward to interesting, funny, relevant content.  These conversations are magnetic and connect consumers to products and service providers.  Social media creates and sustains these conversations far better than generalized out-bound marketing channels.  Done well and a service provider nests in the consumers world!

Arrow & Fletching provides leading social media management services for small business that is based on the best strategies and practices available.  After all, Facebook functions differently than Twitter.  Instagram functions differently than Vine.  Understanding these differences and applying specialized tactics across platforms ensures consistent brand awareness that reflects user expectations.

Our process starts with a focused plan in terms of the social media identity our customers want to create.  We map a “journey” and determine content categories per platform.  This is customized content rather than boilerplate so that our customers’ brand is well defined.  Sharing, tracking, reporting, updating, and revising occur on a weekly basis.  Our customers have real-time access to their unique campaign results without having to worry about managing their social media identity.

“Matt is an outstanding trainer, business consultant, and coach. Matt is able to engage learners at all different skill levels with ease. He also has the ability to relate to all employees from the C.E.O. to frontline associates. Matt has the incanny abilty to take theoritical concepts and help employees transfer the concept into concrete action. He is one of the best I have ever seen.”