“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training your employees and having them stay.” — Henry Ford

Imagine training your entire customer service and branch manager teams in a simple, engaging and cost effective manner. CSR Livestream is the fastest way to deliver branch level training across your entire organization!

It doesn’t matter if your organization has five branches or fifty—the logistics involved with training can be a hassle.  Nobody wants to pull their staff out of a branch for a day—especially during the busy seasons.

Customer Service Livestream allows you to scale CSR and branch manager training across your entire organization.  Using live-streaming technology you can train your branch teams in a convenient and cost effective manner without having to book travel or organize hotel rooms while saving money on fees associated with the training itself!


Customer Service Livestream includes two packages:

Package A:

Customer service coaching delivered live to a phone, tablet, or laptop/desktop.  This is as close to in-person training as you’ll find and allows for real-time interaction with the trainer.  Hosting happens across a selected platform: Vimeo, Facebook Live, or Periscope.  Participants can listen and learn as a group with the opportunity to interact with the materials and their colleagues.

Package B:

Customer service coaching delivered as recorded content.  Each coaching module is recorded prior to the session and includes a skills development workbook for each attendee.  While the real-time interaction is sacrificed, the benefit of recorded content is that your team can watch and listen as often as they’d like.  

Both packages include comprehensive workbooks associated each of the 10 training modules.  

Customer Service Livestream covers a range of topics from basic customer service etiquette to increasing loyalty among new and existing customers.  For example:

Module 1: Simple Service!  95% of customers who have difficult experiences at a branch describe themselves as disloyal to that company.  Only 9% use the same description when the service is simple and frictionless.  This module identifies the key customer service behaviors that improve your customers’ purchases over prior year, re-purchase frequency, and advocacy.

Time: 1 hour

Attendees: Customer Service Representatives, Branch Managers, Operations Managers

Smart organizations invest in training both inside and outside sales teams.  While both teams are vitally important, training has often been geared to the outside team.  Now is the time to accelerate learning and results in and outside of your company.  Customer Service Livestream is ready to help your branch teams win.

Thanks and I look forward to working together,