Helping to Hone the Most Critical of Skills

Territory Manager Coaching Introduction

The traditional B2B landscape is undergoing the same types of changes that are occurring in the retail industry.  Product parity, readily available product and price information, and a lack of a clear value proposition all confound the traditional adage that “people buy from people they like.”  In lieu of a plan, a Territory Manager is likely to find him or herself without a structured plan to differentiate, develop, and deepen loyalty among new and existing account.  The objective for this coaching session is to provide attendees with a fresh perspective on the future of Territory Management while reinvigorating their attitude toward the craft of selling.

Territory Management Fundamentals:

This coaching session has three specific outcomes.  First, help Territory Managers improve the re-purchase frequency from their accounts.  In other words, to become the preferred product provider rather than an incidental convenience.  Second, help Territory Managers earn more business from existing accounts.  Deepening the “share of wallet” is a clear expression of a thick-value relationship rather than a transactional relationship.  Third, guide Territory Managers through a sequential and highly effective prospecting process.  Fearlessly prospecting and converting high-potential business is a benchmark of a well-rounded Territory Manager.  Finally, help Territory Managers differentiate themselves and their company in a market that is increasingly homogenous.

This coaching helps Territory Managers master the basics of B2B selling.  This includes an exciting new perspective on categorizing account quality and potential.  Time management, preparing a relevant meeting, determining best-use development topics, and defining account goals are also significant aspects of this training.  Attendees learn how to overcome common objections as well as re-define their value proposition from a perspective that is relevant to the customer.  And while too many Territory Managers shy away from prospecting for new business, salespeople who engage this coaching will leave with a new set of prospecting skills and a whole lot of confidence!

Most importantly, Territory Managers who attend this training will begin to learn how to leverage organizational strengths in order to improve sales and loyalty among new and existing customers.

Let’s put it this way, veteran TMs have said, “I needed this class 30 years ago!”

“Good trainers are rare. Matt is one of them. He has the ability to inspire and motivate with original ideas.”

Territory Management: A Clear Line of Sight

The true conclusion of the sales cycle happens at the kitchen table.  Yet the majority of Territory Managers have no idea how their products are sold at the kitchen table.  They may hope that their product is well-represented but they cannot ensure that this is happening.  Furthermore, many Territory Managers have little to no idea how well-prepared their customers are to deliver a competent sales presentation.  There’s simply no insight or understanding.  This disconnection impedes their ability to develop an account base that enthusiastically recommends their products on a consistent basis.

This coaching provides invaluable insight in to the current state of retail selling, product presentations, relevant materials, and digital influences—the specific factors that determine how well their products are represented at the kitchen table.  Territory Managers will learn how to repair, and own the entire sales cycle in order to create a win-win-win relationship.  Territory Managers will also gain a structural understanding of the stages of small business growth, sales challenges, and small business limitations that can be tactically overcome.

These days a Territory Manager who clings to the “people buy from people they like” adage is a relic.  Business owners are searching for ways to make more money, differentiate themselves in the market, and win more business at the kitchen table.  Territory Managers who attend this class will gain relevant strategies to help their accounts accomplish these goals.

Territory Management: Prospect & Convert

Prospecting for new business is not difficult.  Converting the prospect to a regular, loyal purchaser, however, can be more difficult.  After all, converting a prospect means disrupting loyalties, product familiarities, and habits.  As such, many Territory Managers pursue new business accounts who are easy to recruit but that may purchase a minimum amount.  This coaching class provides Territory Managers with a strategy to confidently identify the right prospects, resolve any concerns, and develop the prospect—regardless of their size or volume.

Prospecting is mission critical to any sales organization and to any growing territory.  Territory Managers will learn to categorize the best type of accounts to prospect while identifying the unique opportunities that exist among small, medium, and large prospects.  Attendees will learn how to structure a highly effective and scalable conversion strategy.  Finally, Territory Managers will learn how to resolve common and uncommon objections while quantifying their value proposition.

Ultimately, there are only two ways for a Territory Manager to grow his or her business.  The first is to capture a greater share of business from existing accounts.  The second is to add new qualified accounts.  Everyone who attends this class will be ready to accomplish the latter with confidence and success.

CSR: Simple Service

Customer service is the point at which a company’s promises, mission, values, and commitments are tested.  Done well and a company can expect deepening loyalty among new and existing customers.

Simple Service is about ensuring that front-line employees are best equipped to deliver simple, efficient, and proactive service.  For branch managers, this includes management best-practices, team building, problem solving, and associate coaching recommendations.  Associates who attend this training will learn practical tactics to improve their level of service that will impress customers and earn more of their business.