Who We Are

Arrow & Fletching has three specific core objectives: Help our customers create the right procedural and behavioral sales models that allow their companies to become adaptive and nimble.  To replace “silo” thinking by leveraging collective organizational strength to win business and to gain a significant advantage against the competition.  Lastly, Arrow & Fletching focuses on better alignment between strategy and operations, improved communications, adaptable leadership, and better decision making.

B2B Coaching

Teaching best practices for territory management, prospecting, maintaining relationships, and more,

B2C Coaching

Coaching on sales, relationship management, AUX, and so much more.

What Clients Say

I’ll never be able to say “thank you” to all of the people who support my vision, my company, and my family. So many of my customers have become friends that I hesitate to use the word “customer” anymore. Here’s what a few friends have said about our work together:

"I hold Matt Plughoff responsible for a lot of my work and accomplishments I've had here at our family's business the past 2 years. As of today, we're on pace to break our sales record for the second year in a row. Last year we saw an increase of about 30%-40% in sales from the previous year. This year we're on pace to do even better (keep in mind we're a smaller service company and a huge new construction company in St. Louis)."

"Matt has no competition when it comes to HVAC training/learning. Matt is always genuine. It’s not the next big thing or gimmick. Upon my time spent with him, I could feel how authentic he was in his training and wanting everyone to succeed. I would call him a great mentor to myself and my now 3 year old company. I can show a 50% sales increase per year, but this letter isn’t about numbers."

"“Matt’s style is relaxed, comfortable, yet professional and confident. His vision on making the customers’ experience better, and speaking in “their” language has been brilliant. Matt’s idea’s about transforming sales to relationships has helped me build strong ties to our community. It started with the hand written thank you note and has evolved into the follow up visit, upfront & menu pricing for our business."

"Matt was the presenter at a seminar hosted by our manufacturer's distributor in the Atlanta area. Matt provided a wealth of infomation in the two days that greatly improved our sales presentation to home owners."

"Through the knowledge we gained during the seminar, our company adopted a few concepts from Matt's sales process that has resulted in a higher close rate as well as selling more premium product lines."

"We were very impressed with his knowledge of our industry and of the sales process!"

"I found your training to be the most progressive, all-encompassing training I have ever received in my 10 years of b2b sales in 5 different industries. Your information/strategies were immediately applicable to my meeting the following week. That’s incredibly important to my success."

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